Video creation

A professionally produced video is extremely helpful for presenting your company.

Our partners specialize in high-quality video productions and have extensive experience in creating engaging content for various industries.

Our offer includes:

1. preliminary talk

A detailed briefing to understand your goals, messages and wishes.

2. concept and storyboard

Development of a clear concept and storyboard that includes the most important elements of the trade fair video.

3. video production

Professional shots at the trade fair stand, interviews with team members, product presentations and visual elements to represent your company in the best possible way.

4. editing and processing

Careful editing and processing of the video material for an appealing and professional presentation.

5. voice-over and music

Add appropriate voice-over and music to reinforce the message and make the video more engaging.

6. graphics and animations

Integration of graphics and animations to visually support important information.

10. prepare participation

Delivery of the finished trade fair video in the desired formats for various purposes.

Costs: Based on your budget, we prepare a cost calculation at a fixed price. Any additional costs will be communicated transparently and agreed with you in advance.

Schedule: We plan to complete the trade fair video by the fixed deadline to ensure that it can be used for your marketing activities in good time before the event.

We are convinced that a professional trade fair video can make a significant contribution to your trade fair success. We are happy to discuss further details or make adjustments to this offer.