Trade fair

1. early planning

  • We start planning together with you in good time, ideally several months before the trade fair.
  • Lariano checks the conditions of participation and deadlines of the trade fair to ensure that all necessary information can be provided in good time.

2. set goals

  • We define clear objectives for your trade fair participation, such as new customer acquisition, product presentation or networking.
  • These objectives influence the size and location of your exhibition stand.

3. determine budget

  • Set a realistic budget for your trade fair appearance. Take into account stand rental, stand construction, equipment, personnel, advertising materials and any additional costs.
  • We provide you with comprehensive support in cost planning.

4. select stand size and position

  • Decide which stand size and position best suit your objectives.
  • Please note that locations in high-traffic areas are often more expensive.

5. send request to trade fair organizer

  • We will contact the trade fair organizer for you and ask about available stand space, prices and conditions.
  • Inquiries are made about additional services such as power supply, WLAN, stand construction options and marketing opportunities.

6. conduct negotiations

  • Lariano negotiates the rental conditions for you, especially if you book a larger stand or several trade fair events.
  • Clarification of any ambiguities regarding the terms of the contract.

7. conclude a contract

  • This contract is being reviewed by us. Any uncertainties will be discussed and clarified by us with the organizer and you.

8. plan stand design and equipment

  • We will suggest a cost-effective but efficient stand builder to plan the design and equipment of your stand.
  • It goes without saying that we take your brand identity, products/services and trade fair objectives into account.

9. prepare advertising and marketing

  • We work with you to develop marketing materials and advertising measures to attract visitors to your stand.

10. prepare participation

  • We check that all preparations are completed on time so that your exhibition stand makes a professional and inviting impression.
  • If you need stand personnel, we will organize this for you. Remember that the exact steps may vary depending on the trade fair event. It is important to coordinate with the trade fair organizer in good time and obtain all the necessary information.