Musician / Artist / DJ

Booking a musician or DJ for an event may require different steps depending on your needs and the type of event. Here are some general steps you can follow when booking a musician or DJ:

1. determine your needs

Clarify what kind of musician or DJ you need for your event. Think about the style of music and atmosphere you want to achieve.

2. determine budget

We jointly determine a budget for the musical entertainment. This will help you to narrow down the selection to artists or DJs that fit your budget.

3. research

We will find the available musicians or DJs for you.

4. make contact

Lariano will contact the requested artist or DJ to check availability for your date and discuss further details.

5. clarify requirements

Discuss all requirements in advance, such as the duration of the performance, equipment needed, special music requests or other specific details.

6. conclude a contract

We negotiate the contract with the musician or concert agency for you.

7. clarify technical requirements

If necessary, we clarify technical requirements such as sound and lighting equipment.

8. rehearsal or sound check

If possible, organize a rehearsal or sound check before the actual event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

9. maintain communication

We keep in regular contact with the artist or DJ to discuss any changes or additional requirements to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Clear communication and careful planning are crucial to ensure that the musical entertainment meets your expectations.